Silver Package - £29.99

Website Feature -

This is where you show your town and district what you offer and why you're the best at what you do. Customers will then be able to find your business on Google. High google rankings brings lots of visitors to our website and you can update your business anytime during the year.

Customer Feedback Forms

Customer feedback keeps your team highly motivated and is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Your page collects this valuable data and it's your choice whether to post it or not.

Marketing Campaigns

We spend thousands each year marketing our business on Facebook paid adds, banners, leaflet drops and billboards. This attracts more customers to the website and to your business. We will also run a Facebook paid advert for your business targeting your local customers.

Special Online Promotions for your Business

Your business can promote up to 3 items at any one time to all customers who visit our website. You can change these as often as you like throughout the year at no extra cost! It's similar to having 3 press ads for 52 weeks.

Free Banner On Our Website

Your business gets a free banner at the top of our website for a month when they join up. Graphic Designers will do the work and it will be seen by 1000's of people.

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