Carol Doey writes for MYOmagh

Friday 17th January 2014

Carol Doey writes for MYOmagh

“The bigger my backside the bigger my handbag” that was how a friend of mine replied when I admired her new oversized, bejewelled bag one January…that was 10 years ago, and to this day, roughly around the 28th December I think of that statement. Why? Well isn’t that the day “us” with the weight problem realise that January the 1st is coming and we have to make that decision again, not, whether we shall join a slimming group, but rather which group, we will join. That’s the day when we open all cupboards, fridges and freezers and have a look at what we have to eat in 3 days. Dribbling…. as we discover a Tesco’s finest range Belgium chocolate cheesecake, hidden behind unopened large jars of Pickles. Pickles I might add that were going to be served on the side of a plate, with cold turkey and ham for a light tea on Christmas day, with perhaps 1 slice of brown wholemeal bread. We do have a wonderful imagination!

Anyway I have decided to look into, why I have enrolled in slimming classes at least twice a year from I was 17. Take 17 from 55 and you get 38…38 years later and I am probably heavier now than I was at the first class I attended in the Glenavon Hotel with Alma McMinn….I did a rough calculation and I reckoned with all the joining fees and weekly payments, (not counting the slimming products) I could have had liposuction mid gut and hips… breast reduction, eyebrows tattooed… and still change left for a 7 night Mediterranean Cruise.

My very first experience with slimming, was growing up in our house in Stewartstown, my mother was (and still is at nearly 80) always on a diet. Now most of you won’t remember these sweets called Ayds…but that was my first encounter with a diet product that would make you thin… My mother had several boxes in our cupboard and I would pinch the odd one, it tasted like fudge to me…but I suppose back then fudge would have been a yearly treat at Christmas in a stocking or Selection box… so Vanilla Ayds was a good substitute. I am adamant that 2014 will be the year that I make friends with healthy food and exercise. My two new words this year is Consistent Action. So watch this space… (I just ordered a small clutch bag as an incentive ;) ) I am away to dust George Foreman and leave him on the worktop where I can see him.

I am not stupid… I know exactly what I have to do; I could write the book…I could take the Why Oh Why can’t I… Let’s do this journey together!! Tell me your experiences about diets and products etc…Chat next month … C.D.

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