Mid Ulster Rotating engines 1st blog for MYOmagh

Sunday 16th February 2014

Mid Ulster Rotating engines 1st blog for MYOmagh

In colder weather your vehicle is much harder to start due to the cold reducing the power in your battery, the oil in your engine being a little bit thicker & as a result it all leaves your starter motor requiring more power to turn your engine & if you have not got a good battery then the resulting drop in power can leave your starter motor turning much longer than it was designed to do therefore the heat & wear caused by this can all lead to premature failure of the starter motor. Also if your battery is not in tip top condition at the cold end of the year it can cause your alternator to work much much harder to deliver the power needed to keep your battery at the correct voltage.

Rule of thumb would be to make sure your battery is in good condition for the cold weather & this in turn can help prolong the life of your Alternator & Starter Motor.

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