Gems Oils now at Mid Ulster Rotating Electrics

Tuesday 17th June 2014

Gems Oils now at Mid Ulster Rotating Electrics

By Michael McCrystal | Mon 16th Jun 2014 | 0 Comment(s)

As we announced in a previous post, we are now supplying a large range of oils from Gem. Today I'm going to give you a bit more information on who Gem are and the quality products they supply.

Established in 1962, Gem Oils Ltd is a wholly owned Irish company based in Cavan, Ireland. The Gem range has been long associated with a full range of high quality lubricating oils and greases, including a range of speciality high performance greases. Expert knowledge from 40 years direct experience coupled with a professional business approach is the successful combination which continues to strengthen Gem Oils Ltd. Gem Oils Ltd is an ISO 9002 accredited company.

Gem Oils Ltd provide Engine, Hydraulic, Gear and Farm Oils for a wide range of applications. All Oils provided by Gem are designed to the manufacturers full specifications. Below is an overview of some of their oils:

  • Gem Synthetic No. 1 - This is a fully synthetic SW/40 engine oil with excellent lubricating properties even in intense driving conditions and at high engine temperature.
  • Gem SYN SSX - This is a semi-synthetic low friction oil for modern engines, which are characterised by high power output, low oil volumes and extended drain intervals.
  • Gem SYN Longlife LS 5W/30 - This is a fully synthetic low SAPS engine oil designed for outstanding performance, lower oil consumption and low exhaust emissions when coupled with diesel particulate filters in the latest Euro IV engines.
  • Turbofleet 15W/40 - This is a superior diesel engine oil and is a prime choice for off highway applications.
  • Europulse - This is an ultra high performance semi-synthetic 10W/40 diesel engine lubricant designed for outstanding diesel performance under the most severe conditions in modern highly rated turbo-charged diesel engines.
  • Super Turbofleet LD - This is a superior quality, heavy duty long drain diesel engine oil which meets all the current engine manufacturers SHPD specifications.
  • Gem Hydraulc Oils - These are a superior range manufactured from paraffinic base stocks of low aromaticity and high viscosity index. They are formulated using special additives containing ZDDP which provides and excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant and anti-foam properties.
  • Gem Safelube Hydraulic Oil 46 - This is a biodegradable oil with anti-wear additives and based on natural vegetable oils. This is suitable for use as a hydraulic medium in environmentally sensitive areas, such as forestry, agriculture and construction industries.
  • Gem Gear Oil - This range is blended from high quality base oils and contains an optimum balance of additives which ensure excellent product performance.
  • Gem Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil - This gear oil covers all specifications relating to automotive and industrial applications and meets the API GL-5 specification.
  • Gem AgriPower Plus - This is a synthetic 10W/40 universal oil designed for use in engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and brakes of high performance modern tractors and off highway construction equipment.
  • Gem Trans Agri Fluid - This is suitable for use in a very extensive range of tractor transmissions, final drives, oil immersed brakes, tractor hydraulic systems and ancillary hydraulic systems.
  • AgriPower 10W/30 - This is a modern super universal tractor oil suitable for engines,transmissions, hydraulics and final drives.

If there is anything you can't find or want further details on, feel free to pop into the shop or send us a message on our contact us page, on facebook or via email.

Or you can give us a call on +44 (0)28 867 65354

We hope that your are as happy with Gem Oils as we are!



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