MYOmagh visit Rutledge Recruitment in Omagh

Friday 7th October 2016

MYOmagh visit Rutledge Recruitment in Omagh


Today saw the grand opening of Rutledge Recruitment’s newly extended premises at Market street. Rutledge Recruitment has been in Omagh since 2004. It has become embedded in the local community providing a personalised and caring service to young people, leading to employability and enhanced services.

A host of employers, services providers and stake holders were present to listen to talks by Seamus McCaffery  ( chairman of the leadership team and also a local accountant ) and Daireen Diver , branch manager , and to view the impressive extended offices. Rutledge has expanded so much in the last 2 years in terms of learners and in space because of its strong links to the business community and support groups with an aim of offering better services for new and continuing business relationships and support for the unemployed and those looking to develop new skills, offering a unique and personalised service for all.

Some of the services provided by Rutledge Recruitment are.

Skills to Succeed…. this includes apprenticeships

Training for Success…. training aimed at 16-18 year olds, new skills, cash bonus, travel expenses, qualifications and placements.

Aspire….Gauged at the unemployed , CV building , develop and experience skills

Private corporate Training….specialised skills and qualifications with flexible payment terms available

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