Gortin Walk in Omagh

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Gortin Walk in Omagh

Gortin lakes are a wonderful example of how beautiful the Tyrone and surrounding landscape is. With superb views of the Sperrin Mountains it’s a great place to get out walking. A circular path surrounds two lakes with less than a mile to complete made longer by switching paths from around one lake to encompass both.

The serene views of water and landscape are breath taking and a fantastic area to unwind and relieve stress, it even has rest benches along the route to sit and take in the view. Getting out and active is great but to do so in such an area of outstanding beauty can help our own well being as well as keep us fit.

It may feel as though this area is far from the maddening crowd, however, it is located just about 0.5 miles from the A48 Omagh to Gortin Road. Considering the beauty of this area and as well as its consistent well graveled path this walk deserves a solid 5/5 stars.

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