Want to lose some weight in 2018?

Monday 22nd January 2018

Want to lose some weight in 2018?

Want to lose weight in January?

Check out the Slimming World Groups from Omagh  blog.



All of our groups are run by Consultants who have lost weight with Slimming World, so they understand and empathise with the ups and downs of every slimmer's journey. We know it not easy but having come through the same experience helps us understand the journey you are on.

Our members lose weight with our famous Food Optimising plan which is based on the science of satiety and energy density, so they never have to feel hungry or deprived. This is so important as many diets just don’t work.

Meeting together every week at venues across the Omagh District is also very important. Combining our unique brand of caring and support we help lots of slimmers to reach their dream weight every single week.