Some guidance about your car, tests and the MOT

Friday 3rd July 2020

Some guidance about your car, tests and the MOT

Some guidance about your car, tests and the MOT 

Driver testing services resuming for some categories

Following the Government’s decision to introduce measures to delay the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the DVA suspended all practical driving tests and module 4 DCPC tests.

This has recently been reviewed in line with existing guidance and a decision has been made to extend the suspension until further notice, with some very limited exceptions.

From 6 July the DVA plans to resume off-road and on-road motorcycle tests with tests for drivers in the following additional categories: bus; tractor; and module 4 DCPC tests for lorry, bus and coach drivers, planned from 20 July.

Vehicle Roadworthiness

It is important for owners to understand that it remains their responsibility to make sure their car is in a roadworthy condition to be used on a public road. The PSNI and Insurers expect motorists to comply with their legal obligation to keep their vehicle in a roadworthy condition if they are using it on the road.

Owners should continue to service their vehicle and carry out basic checks such as regularly checking tyre pressures and tread depths, looking out for brake wear and ensuring that all lights are working.

Vehicle testing resuming for some categories of vehicles There are plans for vehicle testing to resume on a phased basis from 20 July.

As testing will initially resume in a limited capacity, the DVA will prioritise those categories of vehicles which are currently not able to avail of a Temporary Exemption Certificate (TEC).

Vehicles in the following categories will be able to book a vehicle test appointment from 1 July:

taxis due a first time test

buses due a first time test

vehicles not registered in Northern Ireland and due a test

vehicles with MOT expired by more than 12 months

If your vehicle is in one of these categories, from 1 July you will need to ring the booking line on 0345 247 2471 to arrange an appointment. Bookings will be available by phone only.


Vehicle testing for all other categories remains suspended

Vehicle testing for all other vehicles will remain suspended and owners of these vehicles should not attempt to book an appointment. For these vehicles, Temporary Exemption Certificates (TECs) will continue to be applied.

There are plans to extend testing to other categories from August, including four-year-old cars and motorbikes and three-year-old light goods vehicles.

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