General Questions:

Q: What is Myomagh.com?
Myomagh.com aims to become the hub of the community. It will promote businesses and offer them different packages to sign up to. Customers will be able to place classified adverts, see the news, place events, enter free competitions and do a lot more on the site.


Q: Where is myomagh.com from?
A: It’s a local business from Omagh and run by Alan Hogshaw who has 30 years of experience in business. We welcome your feedback by email and you can contact us any time at alan@myomagh.com


Q: Do I need to sign up?
No but signing up to the site is free and you will get so much more when your signed up.


Q: How do I download the special offer vouchers?
Click on the voucher, this will open a new page and then simply click on print this voucher.


Q: How can I keep updated with the latest things happening in the district?
I would encourage you to visit this site daily, sign up to facebook or follow us on twitter.


Q: Can I post an event?
A: If its a chariity you can post an event. We approve all events before they go online, it’s a great place to look for a night out.


Business Related Questions:

Q: How do I sign my business up to myomagh.com?
Simply go to the business directory page and click on the sign up button. Here you will be offered 3 different packages to sign up to. Once your signed up we will meet with you and discuss how we can help your business.


Q: What do I get if I sign up?
All the details are explained on the site but please contact us at alan@myomagh.com and we will explain it in detail.


Q: I do not have a website can I sign up?
Yes you can profile your business on the site and place special offers for customers. We firmly believe all businesses need to be planning on going on the web and can advise you of a suitable partner. 20% of all business is now done on the web!!!


Q: How much is it to sign up to myomagh.com and how can I pay?
It will depend on the package you sign up for and you can pay yearly online or monthly by direct debit.


Q: What advertising will you be doing to promote the site?
We will be advertising on radio, press, mail drops, and in prime locations in the district. Our aim is to get this site quickly known in the district. We will include your business in some of this.


Q: How many visitors will be coming to your site a month?
We will constantly update you on that but with news, classified adverts, special offers, events, free stuff to give away, and competitions this site will be busy and we will constantly be promoting it. Our aim is to get to page 1 in the Google listings quickly. We will also be investing in pay per click, and using facebook and twitter to promote the site.

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