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What is MYOmagh:

MYOmagh.com is  a marketing company for the Omagh district.

If your looking for businesses, special offers, free classifeds, local events, local news, free prize draws,  you will find this and much more on MYOmagh.com. It's free to join and a great place to keep up to date on what's happening in the Omagh district.

MYOmagh is run by Sarah McKiernan and the  website has thousands of hits each month.  On Facebook we have over 8000 fans on it and regularly have over 15,000 views on our facebook each week. We also use the Royal Mail to do 2 lealfet drops in the Omagh district each year and send out 5500 emails a month to people who have joined our website.  Its a great place for local events and the tourist guide is also very popular for a day in the district.

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